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Hi, my name is Sejal Budholiya

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I work as an Analysis Engineer at Collins Aerospace. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. As a designer, I enjoy noticing the unnoticed and designing for those unlike myself. I take inspiration from outer space to design for life on Earth. I believe empathy is my superpower and combined with design research, we could solve the most arduous challenges surrounding us. I am a published author, trained artist and dancer, and through my non-profit organization, Neysa, we teach the underprivileged performing arts and empower their lives through design projects.

Take Chances is a quote I live by

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Making dance therapy accessible for all
Year: 2022
Supervisor: Kat Reiser and Rebecca Goesling
Assignment: Individual Project (under Offsite by Advanced Design)

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Transcending Time and Space
Year: 2022
Assignment: Individual Project

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Tool to ease the logistics of menstruation
Year: 2021
Supervisor: Joseph Schwarzkopf and Dr Rajyalakshmi G
Assignment: Personal Project
(Swarovski Foundation: Creatives for our Future Cohort)
Role: Team Lead

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Namak Quila

Affordable Hut for Salt Farmers
Year: 2020
Supervisor: Dr Anil Gupta
Assignment: Internship Project (SRISTI-UNICEF Summer School on Inclusive Innovation)
Role: Research Head and Presenter

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Domi Inter Astra

A Home among the Stars
Year: 2020
Assignment: Personal Project (Space Generation Advisory Council)
Role: Lead Co-Editor and Lead for Creative Storyline

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Design in Space for Life on Earth

Year: 2020
Assignment: Personal Project (World Design Organization and International Space Station National Lab)
Role: SDG 2 Participant

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COVID-19 Bin

Efficient handling and management of Covid-19 related biomedical waste
Year: 2021
Assignment: Individual Project (Institute of Engineering and Technology Awards)

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Retractable Military Aircraft Ladder:
(Application No: 202141028766)
Modular Rainwater Harvesting System:
(Application No: 202141017620)
Integrated Ambulance Bed Stretcher:
(Application No: 202241006828A)
Gaia: A tool to ease the logistics of menstruation